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Los Hardidets

«Bright sparks»

History :

Our song group was born in 1973 with the will to introduce to our cultural identity inhabitant of “Bearn” to a Breton village with which we were twinned.

At the beginning, the repertory was traditional and sung as capella. Then, we were among the first to create our own songs and to integrate the guitar, the diatonic accordion, the flute with 3 holes, the bagpipe.


Identity :

The group is composed of 11 born or living in Mazerolles with among them, two guitarists, two percussionnists, an accordionist, a pianist and a flutist. We interpret with 3 voices songs created by members of the group in Occitan language : the texts, written by Fabienne Loustalet and Anne Barraqué, speak about the daily life, our landscapes, our language but also of old age, separation, racism… The musics are composed by various members of the group, thus giving a variety of styles and rates/rhythms: waltz, ballades, festive airs…


Spectacles :

We sang in many villages of “Bearn” but also of the “Pays Basque”, “Landes”, Gironde, Brittany and Spain. Our more beautiful scenes are the Christmas pastoral in Lescar, the Paris fair, the sheepdogs festival of Aramits (winners in 2001), a “Béarn” mass in Mazerolles, the Siros  festivals.


During our spectacles, we carry also a particular strain to the songs presentation : in order to explain and illustrate the words of each title, we interpret humorous occitano-French small scenes.


Ambition : 
We want to give pleasure by taking pleasure while singing in the language that our parents entrusted to us.


Contacts :
Jean-Noël BARRAQUE - (33) 05 59 33 83 72 - loshardidets@free.fr


** The songs (words and musics) composed by the “Los Hardidets” group are exclusive property of the group.
      They can not be used without the formal and written agreement of the person in charge of the group.

The Group